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Zitangy - thanks for the added insight! With my limited experience I was able to get this thing ridiculously sharp, and it will only get more refined with proper stropping.

Maybe midtech isn't the right term - if this is the standard for the middle of the road tech, you can bet this isn't the only Pierre knife I will own.
you are welcome. Once you understand what you need to do, apply whatever methods you have that works for you.. you are all set! initially, you may have to spend a few minutes evaluating what to do.

a) IF you are unsure, if after a few honing strokes, there is a reasonable edge when you cut paper, not much steel removal required. IF still blunt.. time for more serious steel removal.

b) over time, by just touching'feeling the edge.. you will know how much steel to remove adn the appropriate stone to start adn the feedback will tell you to reduce pressure/ lighten your strokes ; when to change stone to a finer grit adn before that..to remove the burr before the next level.

c) Practice makes perfect... touch everyone's knife edge but not their dicks and evaluate the sharpness .. as quoted by someone in their tag line.. You will definitely get there. When things do not work out... go back to teh basics adn start from there adn figure a better plan as your initial plan didn't work out.

Have fun and stay sharp.... and hv a nice week-end.