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Thread: How do you round the spine of a knife?

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    no vise? use a phonebook or a dictionary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by El Pescador View Post
    no vise? use a phonebook or a dictionary.
    I've seen this recco before...but I can't quite imagine how the two fit together for this purpose...anyone have a pic?
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    I find that if the knife is differentially heat treated the spine should be softer than the edge. If it's clad it is softer than the edge. I break the corners with a file or diamond file/plate. Then I back some paper with clear packing tape and slice into strips to polish. You don't need to round to the tip you don't grip down that far and besides your tool will slide right off. When I restore, or do a conversion I like to make the spine as round as possible. The choil area is much harder to achieve a full round finish on.

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