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Thread: Start of the wood milling.

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    In Austin you need a permit to cut down large trees. The city requires a justification for trees 19-24" and may require mitigation by the property owner (planting new growth). The criteria for removal get more stringent for trees larger than 24" and public hearings are called for anything larger than 30". It is really only a problem for commercial developments since public pressure can prevent them getting the permits. The maximum fine is only $2000 so some developers just see it as a cost of doing business if they get caught.
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    I work for a general contractor and we once built a project in Nebraska City, NE...which is like tree capital USA.

    Anywho, on the drawings for the project were a list and locations for trees within the projects boundaries that were not to be touched. We had to put up protective fence and such around said trees. Fertilize them, prune them, etc. If, by chance, we killed one, the cost was retarded. It was $10,000/inch of diameter of the thickest part of the trunk. Several of the trees were in the 24" to 30". We figured if we killed them all, it would cost nearly $5,000,000.....there were like 30 trees or some such. Luckily we didn't kill any.

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    $10,000 dollars an inch? That's insane.

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    Ok Del, here is the Box Elder...

    Sorry for the blurry cell phone pics

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    Wow that looks really good! I want some!
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    Mmhh, nice. If I hadn't just paid Jantz, K&G, and Supergrit I would definitely be interested also. Maybe I 'll check out the leftovers next month...


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    In the town I grew up in, Live Oak trees are the name of the game, and they are strong, stumpy, old trees. If you want to cut one down that's bigger than 2" in diameter, you need a permit. Over 12? No permit. There are houses built around the trees.

    Except for Wal-mart. They had the law temporarily repealed and bulldozed about 15 acres so they could build a bigger wally world right next door to the old one. Nice fellas.

    That burl is amazing, it boggles me that wood really just *grows* like this!

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    Its said that if everyone cut their spending at Wal Mart in half, we could sway the countries economy.....
    And yes, we loves the burl

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    I think we need to see photos of what you went through to get that good looking block.
    I would be willing to bet you have a lot of kindling left over for this winter.
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    lol i have been having bonfires almost every night....If i didnt i would have a 6 foot diameter pile in the garage....Ill get some pics later lol

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