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Thread: 4 Tickets to Alinea for sale saturday 3/30

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    4 Tickets to Alinea for sale saturday 3/30

    I am selling 4 tickets to alinea for dinner at 8:30 on Saturday 3/30. Asking for face value.

    I can unfortunately no longer travel to chicago due to a family emergency and must sell these.

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    Interested - will purchase

    Are these as a table of 4? Can try be separated into 2 and 2? I will purchase and handle the reselling myself if that's easier, but there are just two of us going.

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    Jim, check the date, you're a little late.
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    Ha. Sorry, right day wrong year. My apologies.

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    You should still get to Alinea, every time I've been there it has been absolutely wonderful.
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