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Thread: Opinions on J. Jones knives

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    Opinions on J. Jones knives

    Any opinions on knives from John Jones from Bangor Maine?

    I'm just a few months into kitchen knives so I don't know what to look for. These knives are good looking but the Japanese inspired top knife, in particular seems off in a way I can't explain. The bottom one appeals to me.

    Here's what he says about himself:

    I am a part time custom knife maker using both forging and stock removal methods. I have also recently started forging my own Damascus to use for my blades. I use a variety of steels including 1084/ 15n20 Damascus, 1095, W-2, 52100, D-2 and 154 CM. All heat treating is carefully done in-house, based on the steel manufacturer’s recommendations, with an Even Heat knife makers kiln and appropriate quench mediums. I also include a leather or Kydex sheath with most of my knives.

    Full Length12 Blade Length7 Blade MaterialD2 Tool Steel Handle MaterialStabilized Redwood Burl Bolsters/GuardWrought Iron

    Full Length13 inches Blade Length8 inches Blade MaterialForged W2 tool steel with Hamon Handle MaterialStabilzed Maple Burl Bolsters/Guardwrought iron

    Full Length14 Blade Length9.25 Blade Material1084 and 15n20 Handle MaterialStabilized Redwood Burl Bolsters/Guard416 Stainless

    All knives are sold with a Lifetime Guarantee. If you don’t like a knife that you receive from me, send it back for a full refund. If the quality or performance of the knife does not meet the intended purpose, I will fix or replace the knife free of charge.

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    Well, you could always PM him and ask if he'd make a knife with a profile you do like. He's a member here.

    Have you seen his WIP thread on BladeForums?

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    They look clumsy.

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    The bottom knife is getting close, the rest look like kitchen knives made by a hunting knife guy who doesn't fully understand kitchen knives. Sorry to be so brutally honest, but we've seen this many times before.

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    The talent is there, it will just take a good knowledge of the shapes/grind we all prefer and why.
    Definitely on the right path, if you ask me!

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    All the comments are on the money. I didn't know how to articulate it. It's clear he has skill the WIP shows his passion and willingness to work hard.

    Makers who really know how to use the knife in a kitchen are at a distinct advantage.

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    Looks like someone needs to do some passarounds. :P

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