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Thread: Rustic vs polished

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmadams13 View Post
    By rustic, do you mean a black finish? If so, then yes, you will have more "drag" on proteins. The KU (black) finish is there to protect the soft, highly reactive cladding found on most white steel knives from acidic foods from reacting with the steel, and vice versa. Mainly why you are not going to find many, if any (I've never seen one) KU finished sujis, as it's primarily a protein knife. No need to protect the cladding from reacting with acidic foods and such.

    Someone please correct me if I'm talking out my butt, lol

    Btw, what knives are you talking about. Not that it matters. Just wondering
    Takeda and Mortaka make KU sujihikis, and Murray Carter has made several, one of which graces Lefty's kitchen:

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    Yup - my Carter suji isn't going anywhere. Thin, nimble and very, very sharp.

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    Hi Stumblinman,

    Thats the knife.

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    Huh. Well, at least I knew from the beginning I was talking out my butt, lol. I always forget about Carter
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    Dude - you gotta getta Carter

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    I got my trusty palm sander out today and ran some papers over the Goko. Problem solved

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    Quote Originally Posted by branwell View Post
    I got my trusty palm sander out today and ran some papers over the Goko. Problem solved

    Nice to fix a problem like that with your own hands, eh?
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