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Thread: what would YOU choose.

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    I don't find the KS to be laser'ish, especially compared to the likes of a Konosuke. I like the sleek and slender profile. It has much more pronounced grind than a typical laser. One of my favs.

    I would factor in that you get a nicer handle with the midtechs, and a rehandled KS would put you in another pricepoint...

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    Can't go wrong with the Masamoto KS...or any other Masamoto for that matter

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    Quote Originally Posted by NO ChoP! View Post
    I would factor in that you get a nicer handle with the midtechs, and a rehandled KS would put you in another pricepoint...
    I got this for my KS from Jon and the total cost of the knife is still under $400.

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    I was fortunate enough, thanks to WildBoar, to get a chance to use a DT ITK for a week. I agree with several of you who've commented that the DT is a very good "do it all" gyuto. Stiff and heavy enough that you never feel the need to baby it. Thin and pointy enough at the tip to make detailed cuts and easily brunoise shallots and garlic. A well done grind that glides through most things easier than you'd think just by looking at the thickness of the blade. The spine is well rounded and comfortable and the handle is simple, but nicely made and cleanly fitted to the blade without a blob of epoxy or any gaps.
    For my taste, the heel is just a little too flat, but that could be easily fixed on the stones. I didn't sharpen it since its not my knife, but it responded pretty well to a strop.
    I'd say if you're looking for one nice gyuto that can handle any job, and stand up to a little abuse if needed, you would be very happy if you could find a DT ITK for sale.
    Big thanks to WildBoar for the generous loaner, and for letting me ogle the rest of his collection.

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    i so love burnt chestnut handles.

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