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Thread: Draft Revised Questionnaire

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    It seems a bit long. Do you think that might put people off?

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    As a newbie who filled the old form out this fall, I think this is a great improvement. Thank you for doing this.

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    Mike great work on this.
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    I wonder if the links are set up as of yet. Questionnaire looks great though.
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    This looks great Mike, it can guide somebody who has no clue alot better than the old one. People get intimidated and bogged down with things they don't understand, and I think everything on that questionnaire is completely understandable to a non knut, my mother who uses a steak knife for everything she does could fill out that questionnaire and find herself a suitable knife. The old questionnaire, I can picture my mom going "oil a handle? I thought this was helping me pick a knife, not confuse the hell out of me." Let's not discourage the new members with complicated knife jargon, newcomers probably don't know what a choil is or what's the blade profile? Let alone assymetrical knife sharpening. New members will have plenty of access to info on how to maintain the knife once they get it, but I think the questionnaire should just help them find that knife, not how to maintain it, we have other posts for that.

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    I would number the questions and/or put a space between each of them to make it a bit more easily digestible, but I think it's great.

    ETA: Props to Eamon for the original questionnaire, and to Michael for the thoughtful revision.

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    Michael, once you get the links and whatever else done go ahead and post a new thread and I'll sticky it.

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    I think there's tmi in some parts for a newcomer. Newcomers may not even know knives can come with rounded spines and choils. Wth is a choil? Preferred balance? A newcomer may have no idea what a good balance point should be. Especially if they are coming from heavy blade forward clunky German steel.

    I also don't think we should ask for a preference about asymmetry, however it should be mentioned so newbs have a simple heads up about it. Maybe briefly mention it then link to the asymmetry thread.
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