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Thread: Gesshin Hide Blue #2 Gyuto

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    I'm not in the passaround, but am curious about people's reactions on this knife. (Two write ups so far, but 2 months into the passaround.)

    Just to clarify, the knife being sent around is the old-style, right?

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    Okay I didn't have as much interaction with the knife as I would have liked. Unfortunately it just showed up one day after I had my ankle surgery and there was nothing I could do with it for a while. When I finally was up and around I gave it a shot and not surprisingly it was a fantastic cutter. I only really cut a few things, onion, tomato, but I was impressed none the least. I know Jon has it listed higher but this particular knife weighed in at 210 grams. From what I seen of it I liked it well enough to say that it could easily join my daily rotation. I didn't sharpen it but it came pretty sharp and really only needed a stropping before I shipped it off. Hope this helps and sorry again for the delay.
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    Thanks, Theory, and hope the ankle's on then mend.

    What other knives do you have in your rotation? Wondering how people would rate the G.Hide compared to others.

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    Im still pretty new to knives and have only used a handful, but i would put this at the top of the list! I greatly enjoyed using it, even more so than my Watanabe..(is that a sin?) Its a great cutter, I used it at work tues-fri for everything I do and it held its edge with only stropping once a day. I enjoyed the profile of the blade, being mostly flat and having a bit of belly close to the tip. Grind was very nice, seemed to glide through pretty much everything being cut. It was Thicker behind the edge than my watanabe but cut better in almost every aspect, food release was better as well.. Thats about all i got for now, interested in more just ask.
    Again, thanks pitonboy!


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    Not a sin at all, I'd say. In fact, I'm pretty sure the maker Hide has a much bigger rep in Japan than Watanabe - though probably in the west not the east. Actually, I know less about Watanabe, but have been under the impression that he's known in KKF parts because for a while as he's had his own English-lang website up. Still unusual for Japanese makers, hence the rep around here.

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    Any word?
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    I've got it. Just had a baby. Will be using this weekend and then it'll be on it's way. Chinacats - can you PM me your address? Will let you know when it is en route.

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    Knife arrived safe and sound today. Unfortunately my schedule is going to be very busy this and the following week and am going to have to send it on without getting to check it out. Knife will go out tomorrow to ER.
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    Got it, safe and sound. There is some surface rust on the knife, and it's gotten a bit thick behind the edge. I'll take care of the former, but I'm hoping that the latter isn't a big enough problem to require attention yet. Won't know until I use it!

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    What's happening with this pass around? Is this the knife Jon has just posted in his sub-forum? Just curious, because we haven't heard anything about it in 3 1/2 +/- months.
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