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Thread: Your EDC Edge - A Public Service Announcement

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    Quote Originally Posted by geezr View Post
    So how do you maintain the serated edge part of your EDC?
    Use my EDC way more than any of kitchen knives but realize I do not fuss over it.
    my sharpmaker (agree with above!) can handle my serrated blades with ease...the triangular ceramic sticks work on serrations. it just takes a few sweeps..then focus on the flat edge. my benchmades are freaking scary!

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    Yeah my EDC blade is for cutting canvas, rope, belts, a little prying, hacking, cutting cardboard. I cannot prepare seafood or perform a tracheostomy with my EDC, well I could but neither would be pretty.

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    Since my EDC has three small blades (vintage case xxx) I keep one very toothy for the rough stuff, and the other two smaller blades razor sharp for the others. I use it a lot when foraging, so a crazy sharp blade comes in handy
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    In general, I stop most of my EDC knives at Chosera 3K and find that its a great balance.

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    I usually run mine across a 1000grit and then strop on kangaroo for a few passes. It hasn't given me any issue yet.

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    My SAK Parachutist solves this serrated problem nicely by having a serrated edge on the one-hand opening primary blade, which is plenty sharp enough to slice paper (or food) and a shaped and serrated "rescue" blade designed specifically for lines and belts.

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    I'm not a fan of serrated edges on my EDCs so I use a smooth edge and sharpen with a 500 bester and strop on cardboard then newspaper. I find a 1k edge doesn't hold up as well as a 500 and my knife is out a lot during the day.

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