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Thread: Last Shipping date before the Trip

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    Last Shipping date before the Trip

    So i am bit late on it as i totaly forgot the easter holidays
    And DHL DK and all PO here is closed from Thursday 28

    So last shipping day will be Wednesday 27 March.
    You can still order anything from my web-store while we are gone but it will be first shipped when we get home Friday 12 April

    So last orders Before our Japan Trip should be made 26 March if you want them shipped before our Vacation !!

    Thanks all for your constant SUPORT !!!
    And i be sure to make many pics and videos while i am there !

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    1) thanks for the info!

    2) we will wait for news!

    3) I wish good weather and good mood for you =) !

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    8 hours left
    Then i start packing the last orders before Japan tour

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    Last packages packed and shipped

    Thank you everyone for your support and contribution to this Japan tour !!!

    I will be back with a lot of pictures, videos and hopefully with many many new cool things to sell

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