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Thread: Has spring started where you are??

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    They reckon there's 10,000 animals buried under the snow in rural areas here which is pretty sad and the RAF is going to drop supplies to farmers by helicopter

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    yes, yes it has!!

    in four days, i will be trying to shoot an arrow at a wild turkey..and eating this turkey. spring is in the air!! so are my allergies to pollen. ahhah..

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    Quote Originally Posted by DSChief View Post
    taken this am. weed abatement ops in progress,
    That is an awesome garden. If I had a back yard, I'd try to make it look like that!

    Here's where I live.
    - Erik

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    Thank you for for the good word, I feel your pain about the White stuff!. I spent my first 26 yrs. in Michigan, I try never to go back there between November to May

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    I went from snow this morning to killing several yellow jackets this afternoon.

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    California.....nuff said.
    "Into a country where the jails are full, and the mad houses closed." - Charles Bukowski

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    Went driving through La Conner, Wa today. It's famous for its tulip farms. Tulips will probably color up next week, but the daffodils were going great today. The white spots in the second picture are trumpeter swans. BIG arse birds--wingspan about 80". Not very many in this particular picture--there were hundreds of them out there.

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    Now is not the time to bother me. And it's always now. Wiley Miller

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    I miss the mountains...

    Feel free to visit my website,

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    Holy smokes! Where is that Pierre?

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