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Thread: Official Forum Bird thread?

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    Mike, I've not boned out the pheasants yet - they're thawing as I type. But they should be easier - even less knife work - than chicken.

    When I clean them the wings are cut at 2nd joint, bird is skinned and legs either go with feathers or are removed for stock. Then bagged and tagged for the freezer.

    I'll be sure to catch some pics but no promises on focus being any better...
    Older and wider.

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    Made my attempt at galantine today. Not as hard to de-bone the chicken as I have feared, with practice I could probably do it 5 mins or less. And it's a good excuse to whip out my Shun Fuji Honesuki, but I did use my Seki-Ryu deba for the hardcore bone scraping.
    For a stuffing, my wife whipped up a fabulous cornbread-bacon stuffing, and I grated some fresh gouda over the top before closing and trussing.
    Accompaniment was garlic mashed potatos (yukon gold), with a stock gravy made from the carcass. Delish.
    This is an amazing dish. The family went craze for it, ate darn near the whole thing! I'll definitely make it again.

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    Nice work A.C., got any pics of the inside of the bird?
    The cornbread/bacon stuffing sounds like a winner to me!
    ...................stuft bird!
    Me hungry
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    I was too busy serving up slices, then stuffing my face to snap any pics. It wasn't like a pinwheel, just like a regular stuffed bird, but with no bones. Fabulous.
    I'll try to find an online version of that recipe and post a link.

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    Very nice looking for your first one!
    Spike C
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    I made one a while ago that I thought I´d share. Fun and lots of knife work. Featured knives are Masamoto KS 270, Misono honesuki, Masamoto SW 165 and Moritaka 300 suji.

    First the stuffing: goat cheese, basil, sundried tomatoes, grilled red pepper, grilled garlic, bread, dry sherry, olive oil, salt and pepper.

    Oh, forgot about the Fuet.

    The victim.

    Tied up and oiled.

    Then om to the Weber.



    And served with warm cherry tomato salad with pine nuts and cream stewed Pointed headed cabbage. Suck at plating though.
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    On the grille. Nice.

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    Nice looking bird. I was thinking of making another duck galantine and smoking it on the grill with apple wood.

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    The last one was such a hit, I had to do another one. On the grille this time. It kind of had a crust, so I used my bread knife to cut it.

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    Crusty is where it's at - nice one.

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