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Thread: KKF has new owners

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    Welcome Austin!

    Feel free to visit my website, http://www.rodrigueknives.com
    Email pierre@rodrigueknives.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patatas Bravas View Post
    Improvements - just a general question. If administration of a site changes, then perhaps the site changes somewhat too. In any case, in my opinion you have found a great niche site to invest in and be involved in. I'm curious how things will go.
    I am too. If I do make any changes I let everyone know and then it's only in terms of additional features, or things the community request. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

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    I tried to log in maybe a couple days ago and there was a mysterious 'data backup in progress' message. Maybe this explains it?

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    I fully understand the difficulty of going in too many different directions at the same time.
    I am grateful for everything you have done and wish you the best of luck with your business.
    Now get to work, make knives and post lots of photos.
    We have needs.

    I am curious if you would be willing to tell us of the other forums owned by Group Builder, Inc.
    Does the current income of the forum generate enough income to justify your purchase of the forum?
    Will the membership fees be changing? Will we start seeing advertising?
    I am curious because there has to be some sort of motivation for making the purchase of KKF.

    BTW: yesterday I got a pop up stating the need to install a certain Active X script. I just backed out of the page and did not return.
    Mark Farley / It's a Burl
    Phone 541-592-5071, Email burlsource@gmail.com
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    Austin: Welcome!

    Dave: Thanks for creating KKF and actively working on building the community. Happy that you're going to have time for your business. I have some knives to send you

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    Welcome Austin, Glad to hear you have some connection to our topic and intend to keep things as they are because I think they have been great so far. Also glad to see that Dave gets a break, I am sure he can use it.

    That said, I may be a bit naive when it comes to business things, so I am just asking 'What's in it for you?', i.e. what does a company get from buying forums. Will there be advertising? Fees? Trading of 'customer information'? Just curious,


    PS You guys all type faster than I can on my phone

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    Dave, thanks for all the amazing work and service! Truly appreciated.

    Austin, welcome!

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    Thanks Dave for all the time and effort you've put into KKF!
    And welcome Austin!

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    Interesting turn of events. Welcome, Austin.

    I'm hoping the forum stays free of advertising banners, etc. and the annual contribution amount does not change. Agree 100% with the 'if it ain't broke...'

    But I suspect it is just wishful thinking.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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