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Thread: KKF has new owners

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    Don't get me wrong. I am a family man and for the most part hold my tongue, but being raised in a fundamentalist household when I was young, I have a lot of F-words to get off my chest And it appears as if some language policy is still in place anyhow. Not a bad thing.

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    Woah- where'd all the flavor go? Makes my post a bit more entertaining now. I was just screwing with you btw, Karring. Although I do find it odd that after I posted my previous comment, I reread yours for whatever reason, and the naughty bit was still there- bright as day. Guess this is an active experiment for the time being...
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    Quote Originally Posted by NO ChoP! View Post
    Did anyone tell Austin about our KKF tradition of new members using their newest knife to slice a nice piece of raw cow tongue and eating it?

    I like a little worcestershire with mine....

    You forgot that they're supposed to do it nekkid in the snow...

    THANKS Dave!

    And welcome, Austin!
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    Congrats on the sale, Dave.

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    Congratulations to Austin and Dave.

    I haven't been around for too long, and I've found this forum to be full of helpful, generous and funny people who are able to talk smack, buy & sell each other stuff, ask & answer questions, and do it all without the petty BS that is found on so many other Internet forums. The generosity and down to earth attitudes of members here is awesome, and the best part about checking in everyday (besides the BST...). Many thanks to Dave for having the balls to go out on a limb and start this place. Best of luck to you.

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    Best of luck to everyone.
    We, the forum members are what makes KKF what it is.
    I think this will be awesome for Dave as he won't have to deal with a lot of the headaches of the job.
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    Having been a part of many online communites prior to this (none being knife related), I completely understand the physical and mental committment that accompanies it. Dave, you built an awesome community, the best I've ever seen, and i think your making a great decision for your personal being by handing it over. Thanks for all you've done and welcome Austin!

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    This has been the absolute best forum I have ever been a member of, which has been many and here's two many more years of time well spent with a great community!
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    Congrats to both buyer and seller.
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    Not sure how I feel about this. Dave is a wonderful person and I always wish him the best, hopefully nothing changes.

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