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Thread: KKF has new owners

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkmk View Post
    A new owner will take over, and will ultimately have to decide whether this is a discussion forum, or a marketing platform for particular vendors. It can't be both.
    Why not?

    I feel like as long as there is the ability to discuss the marketed products/services then all is well. I have learned a lot from participating vendors here and would not want to miss their contributions.

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    Sure, it can be a discussion forum with sponsorship (with full disclosure), but not as long as there is censorship of links and names. I look to this forum for a variety of things, but independent and objective assessment of products and vendors isn't one of them. The rules, as they are currently enforced, require me to read with a significant grain of salt.

    And though I've said it a dozen times, I'm not defending anyone. I'm simply saying: if you want me to trust your opinions, drop the silly rules about saying someone's name. It only erodes your credibility.

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    I suppose some would say that it can be both, but that censorship isn't required to do so. I'm curious, however, what influence vendors have behind the scenes and to what extent they might influence censorship, membership bans, and so forth. Are things as fair as most members seem to think?

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    mkmk you are on to something here. Your last couple of postes were well said. But it's a shame you might get overlooked since you didn't pay up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post
    if you include knifeforums, he actually has 2 forums where his word is law. if you really want to converse with him just go check in over there every once in a while. and BTW, he has defended himself-by comepletely denying that there was anything ever wrong with moritaka grinds period. wabi sabi anyone? the idea that mark has a place here is laughable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mhlee View Post
    Curiously, I noticed that neither ajhuff nor mpukas are even paid members. Just sayin'.
    Thanks for pointing that out. I had overlooked the subscription. Current.

    Besides, what difference does it make? Yeah I read your other posts about it. If some one is not a paid member, does their opinion matter less? Makes no difference if someone is a paid vendor, subscriber, non-paying member - if you're a member you can post your opinion. As long as you follow the rules and don't piss someone off & get banned...

    Furthermore, I'm not bad mouthing Dave. I have no personal issues with him or his business. But if he engages in behavior, as the Mod and founder, that is inappropriate and would get another member banned, I'm gonna call him out on it.
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    Man - you guys are spinning this into a conspiracy theory. If you don't like it here move along - there are plenty of knife forums out there. After all . . . this is the internet.

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    i don't understand why it cant be both, a discussion forum and a marketing platform for vendors. infact, i think thats pretty much what KKF is in a nutshell. these 2 things aren't mutually exclusive.

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    Actually I think they have become symbiotic. I build and service electric guitars and tube amps on the side. I belong to TGP - a forum that doubles in membership every year. There is a builders sub forum as well as BST, general info, ect. It functions much the same way as KKF only on a much bigger scale. And it works - why? - because there are rules. Rules put in place because of past events - it's called evolution.

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    I came to this forum to escape the crap that went down in KF. I picked a side, and am still sticking with it.

    I know what *** means, so frankly it doesn't matter to me one way or the other if the 'censorship' remains. But I sure as chit don't want the owner and his right-hand men polluting this forum.

    And I really don't think everyone should have an equal say in what happens here. I find it humerous some people hang out here so much even though they don't like it, and have refused to contribute to the operating costs of the site. Why does this need to be provided for free to people who ***** about it?
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