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Thread: KKF has new owners

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevenStefano View Post
    Just curious. Dave, do you still have mod powers or are you totally "out" and now solely a vendor on the forums? Welcome to the new owner, I like your attitude already

    I'm still on as a mod for the time being to help with a smooth transition. I'll become just another vendor soon enough though.

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    Very good point, i also will hate that this forum become like FF or Knifeforum. So big on keeping all how it is, childish or not but it works and we all know that other thing dont.
    So i think if you want all that **** and followers opinions go to other forums and see, it is not like KKF is only forum out there.

    Also look how just talking about it escalates to big discussion imagine if they was here

    Quote Originally Posted by stevenStefano View Post

    I don't want to get into it too much because I know a lot of people get pretty emotional about everything, but to those who are criticising the censorship policy, I'd like them to look to Foodie Forums. That place was the first forum I posted in and was awesome, a high percentage of the members here posted there and it was very popular. However, soon certain vendors started making a mass of posts about their products and everything went downhill. In my opinion there wasn't really a clear way to deal with vendors and Fred was perhaps underprepared for it, the admin policy was a bit of a mess and it's now little more than a shell of what it once was. Just something to think about for those who don't like how Dave does things

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    I hate what happened to FF. It was my first home, in this crazy world. I was a member at KF, and never liked it too much, but FF felt like this place does. Good call on pointing it out, because it's ridiculous!

    Muchobuchos - PM me for my number and we can chat. Sorry about not including it on here, but with my work schedule, etc, it's tough to have "unscheduled" calls. I hope you understand. Even Pierre texts before he calls. Haha

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    Just wanted to say thanks Dave and Mods for all your efforts thus far.

    Good luck luck to Austin and team heading forward!

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    It seems like there are always a few individuals who think that "free speech" is some sort of absolute right. It does not exists on the Internet! Never has and never will. If you get your panties in a bind because of the rules of a forum or list you will never find peace! Get over your precious self.
    Spike C
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    Well although a bit of a shock, and with all the questions it raises, but this thread has answered them and the feeling seems very positive. I very pleased for Dave in that he will be able to properly devote his time to making, I think you should build a little charcoal forge next Dave, you know you want to get something hot and hit it, new ways to get covered in dust are always good
    And Welcome to Austin and thank you for the explanations via pm.

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    I am a late commer to the forum and also to this thread.
    Firstly, Dave. My heartfelt thanks and admiration for what you have done for the community and for myself. I know that your sacrifice has been great.
    To Austin, I admire all that you have said and look forward to seeing you live up to your words.
    For my fellow members, it has been said many time in this thread that 'WE make this space happen'. I feel that that is the essence of our community. Just because we have lost our initial leader, it does not mean that we cannot continue forward. Moreso we should follow the good examples laid down by admirable people to help guide our way. Let us not forget that we are the power behind this. It is up to us to collectively agree to agree as swell as agree to disagree.

    It is an unenviable situation to be responsible to so many opinions. The choices one has to make according to others action are equally heavy, if not more. Others have expressed a wait and see attitude.
    I challenge those to a more active role. Let us make our voice count. Is this not place where opinions should be heard. But let us not forget to construct those opinions to a manner that is informative and constructive. Rather than aggressive and demeaning.
    My 2 cts.
    Best regards to all, Heath
    Do not tell me I can't, let me succeed or fail. Even a failure is a small success.

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    I like knives and like reading about intelligent people's discussion of them. I think we all have that in common. Huge thanks to Dave for creating and curating a great forum. Good luck with the future of kkf Austin.

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    Reading all this "Marks ok" stuff has me wondering? I don't want to do some long drawn out search to find it but if I'm correct it was publicly posted that the whole censorship was due to real threats made of legal allegations on there part? If I'm right Dave was just trying to protect himself from some guy with deep pockets and a Itchy lawyer trigger finger?

    As for Dave not bad mouthing people and calling them out on there scams and B.S., that's what I was actually hoping would come back. That's the old Dave I remember and miss to be quite honest, bring him back!

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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post
    i don't understand why it cant be both, a discussion forum and a marketing platform for vendors. infact, i think thats pretty much what KKF is in a nutshell. these 2 things aren't mutually exclusive.
    This makes sense to me. This place offers a different MO than KF or FF (which both hardly generate any worthwhile discussion any more) but it obviously has worked because it gets lots of traffic and keeps a lot of very knowledgable and passionate members who are very active. That should tell us that maybe there's something to the way it's been run???
    Bottom line: KKF offers the most intelligent and entertaining knife related discussion on the Internet. A bonus is that it hosts some of the best vendors in the business, which is good for all of us.

    Quote Originally Posted by WildBoar View Post
    I do wish words like *****, ******, ******** and **** ****** were not bleeped out though; a little cussin' never hurt anybody.
    A-F*ck*ng-men to that. We're all big boys and girls. Swearing is in my DNA, I'm a cook.

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