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Thread: Norton 4000/8000 waterstone

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    Norton 4000/8000 waterstone

    I like these grits and I can can get this stone for a pretty ridiculous price but I was wondering if people have any experience with it and if so would they mind sharing?


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    i have used this stone and for the price its great but there are better stones out there the 8k brings up a nice mirror polish and it gets a really pasty slurry on it aswell

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    Although Norton is old news these days, years back it was the go to, and for a good reason.

    I especially like the 4k. It is a great "feeling" stone. Truly like butter, with little clogging.

    They cut pretty quick, dish a lttke faster than some if the newer stuff. Feel a little sandy.
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    The Nortons were the best thing I found before I went to the Shapton stones. I think they're a very solid, albeit in these parts, not very sexy choice for stones. They're consistent and provide good results. No Chop's comments are on the money. If you can get them for a song, I wouldn't hesitate.

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