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Thread: Mothers day sale, thinking out loud

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    Mothers day sale, thinking out loud

    So one of the forum members suggested that my paring knives would make a great mothers day gift. I too think its a great idea, but I have done quite a few of the parings over the past few months and I wanted to do something a bit different. I like my design so I didn't want to change that, I have thought about a bigger model(aroud 4 inches), as I have mentioned in another thread, and I will do that. I wanted to keep things reasonable though, and I thought back to a particular special order. This was a paring knife with bolsters. I don't do them usually to keep the costs down, and I havn't suggested them because they are more work. I would normally charge $130 for one with bolsters, but what I am thinking is that I'll do them for my normal price of $110
    I may even limit these to this one time each year, who knows, like I said in the title I'm just thinking out load here.

    To avoid pms coming out my ears, what I was thinking is of making a bunch of these in the next month and then posting them for sale on the first of may. I am working on adding variety to my handle materials, but I still have many choices to add, I will probably make several using similar handle materials.

    Let me know what you guys think of this idea here on this thread.
    Maybe just to be peckish I'll call it the mother-in-law sale(this is my idea of humor, yeah I know I'm twisted)


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    Great idea. I'd definitely be interested, but not for my mother-in-law

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    Agreed. I would definately be interested as well, with or without the bolster.

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    Mother's Day gift. I mean oh yea I'm getting one for "my mother"

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    Del -- I think it's a great idea!

    Please set one aside for me, and then post the rest for sale on your web site
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    I'm in. I wonder how to get the mother in law to buy for me, that would be icing.

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    did anyone else have to read "pms coming out of my ears" a few times?

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    Well lets see - both my MIL and my Mom are dead so I'd buy two and have a mock duel in their honor - one in each hand. Hell Yes it's a good idea. And like my MIL used to say - "the longer the better".

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    Gotta have matching sets, his n hers!

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    I am in!

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