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Thread: Any KKF peeps in Vegas?

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    If I went out in LV I'd definately visit the spot where I cut my teeth 10 years ago, Delmonicos, in the Venetian.
    My cousin, who lives there, ate there in Jan and reported it's still top tier.
    Bouchon is on the same property, and someplace worth checking out.

    On the cheap, if you like Mexican food, check out a Roberto's. It's a local favorite, there's like 50 of 'em.
    Ima sucker for the carne asada super nachos. I know, not very traditional... And not usually something I eat, but they are good here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wenus2 View Post
    If I went out in LV I'd definately visit the spot where I cut my teeth 10 years ago, Delmonicos, in the Venetian.
    Oooh, that brings back memories. I went there about a dozen years ago, and had a great meal. We set next to a table where several grown kids took their elderly mother out for a special celebration dinner. She refused to eat her entree becuase she thought the 'vertical stack' of food looked completely unappetizing. The head waiter graciously removed the offending plate and returned with a new entree a little while later where the meat was kept separate from the crispy onions, etc. It was pretty funny to watch.

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    Been trying a few different things here. Last night was a bit of an adventure...short story:

    ended up at a semi-fast food joint in a food court(-ish). had Indian poutine (cheese fries with curry sauce), lumpia, and breaded, deep-fried spam. While it was a bit salty, it was actually enjoyable. Clearly an appropriate menu given the college across the street.


    Tonight a colleague took me to Lotus Of was damned fabulous.

    crispy duck in curry was impressive...amazingly crispy and the sauce was spot on.

    the rice-paper wrapped shrimp (and sausage?) was extremely well-executed, but I prefer a bit of chili paste over the sweet sauce it came with.

    one appetizer I could never identify...some kind of spicy, tangy, crispy rice bits with cabbage and lettuce to wrap, and small chunks of sausage (spam?)...delightful.

    a couple of welll-executed but comparatively lackluster dishes: a grilled salmon with fresh herbs, onion, garlic, cilantro....honestly, I think this just got overwhelmed by the other dishes, should have been served first.

    and some kind of noodle dish that was just bland.

    dessert was banana wrapped in rice-paper, and flash-fried...served with coconut ice cream over sticky rice...really excellent balancing of the elements here.

    totally ate too much, completely failed to control my portions...which is OK

    Vegas food is definitely much better value off the least for my tastes.

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