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Thread: America's Test Kitchen's Look at the Gyuto

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chef Doom View Post
    "There is an entirely NEW chef's knife on the market called the gyuto..."


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    She is talking about how the heavier German knives won the butter squash test over the Japanese knives.. like there are no heavy gyutos..

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    I'm sure they could have pulled a hot hostess from somewhere to do this video. Just saying.
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    My Tojiro Western Deba (why do they call it a deba, it's not a deba??) has zero problems with squash or anything else dense - even most small bones - for that matter, and while I don't use it for most slicing tasks obviously, it actually can do those as well in a pinch.

    Before I got my Western Deba I used a 30 year old, quite weirdly loveable, very limited release at the time I think, Wusthof knife that I would describe as 1/2 cleaver and 1/2 chef knife that also does the job on hard squash. I really should post a picture of the spine on that baby as it really has to be seen to be believed - the front half is an ordinary german profile and usual thickness chef knife and the back half is cleaver thick with a not so gradual transition between the two of course

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    I still get CI, though the hit rate of good articles/recipes has gone down a lot. I've never had any use for the show or the other magazines. Their deconstruction/rebuilding of old standbys is sometimes interesting as an intellectual exercise, but nearly always useless as a real recipe.

    CI is a gateway drug for those who want to understand why a particular recipe works the way it does. Once you're through the door, there are better sources.

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