Opinion on Fujiwara FKH
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Thread: Opinion on Fujiwara FKH

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    Opinion on Fujiwara FKH

    Hi all,
    I am sorry if this question might be asked so many times so here I am.

    I recently get into carbon knife and liked is so much (Hiromoto AS) but I have a problem with Carbon knife with clad since I tend to sharpen my knife one sided.

    My question would be, is how far Fujiwara FKH compare to Hiromoto AS?
    I have heard good thing about Fujiwara, but I am not sure about the performance since it uses SK-4 material.
    CAn someone give me some opinion about this. Thank you.

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    Never used the Hiromoto AS, but the FKH is worth at least 150% of the asking price. They're great knives, other than the reactive steel (though I haven't experienced it, since the ones I used were well used). Honestly, if you don't like it, you can likely dump it for 80% of the price in a day.

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    SK-4 is obiously not as good as AS but for the price, FKH is worth trying. FKH and FKM afaik is identical aside from the use of stainless steel on FKM. so like lefty says, go for it. won't lose too much if you end up not liking it.

    FKH is pretty good stuff.

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    Like them a lot. Basic design, good F&F, takes a crazy aggressive edge once you got rid of the weak factory edge and removed some steel.
    What's exactly your problem with the AS? You may keep it strongly asymmetric but will have to remove some clad on the left face as well - see it as thinning behind the edge.

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    My first J-Knife was a 210mm FKH and I still use it almost every day! I love it although it doesn't cut like some of the higher priced top performers. I would say it is probably the best budget carbon knife in its' price range.
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    Thank you all for the reply.
    Does FKH get sharp and has a good edge retention? Do I have to put micro bevel on it?

    I don't have any problem with AS but I would prefer a knife without a clad for my work. I usually sharpen my knife like a single bavel knives.

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    Is it an issue for you to sharpen 70/30? It's really not so hard.

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    The Fujiwara is asymmetric,so if you gradually wt. each sharpening take it more to a single bevel,you can,instead of trying to convert it all at once.The Geometry is a strong point wt the Fuji's has a nice Taper toward thinner edge = good cutting performance,is a tad thinner & lighter than your Hiromoto AS.

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    How do they handle their knives for lefties? They just put a 50/50 bevel on it, or do they reverse the 70/30?

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    Thanks all, I am going to order fujiwara fkh tonight! I think I am going for 270 this time to get more blade to cut.

    I can sharpen it 70/30 but for some reason I tend to scratch the first half of the blade on left side and I end up taking me more time to sand it off again. I don't really like a knife that all scratch up.

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