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Thread: Opinion on Fujiwara FKH

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzybadger View Post
    Well I bought a FKH 240mm and got it in the mail today. Going to clean it down with a baking soda paste because apparently some people complain about an issue with a smell. Looking forward to walking down the road of carbon steel.
    The smell will not last long, just build a nice natural patina and enjoy.

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    I have only used the FKH for a week, but so far this knife is actually the first knife I usually grab. I like the extra length on on the 270 compare to hiro (240)
    At first I really have some problem with FKH since it really has a strong smell and when I was cutting salmon, it left black color on my hand (even after I forced patina once)
    Now is way more stable, I just missed the patina... It only has a really LIGHT patina.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreezzzzz View Post
    These are excatly the questions I am wondering aswell. Did you change the factory bevel from 90/10 to 70/30 ?
    Did you thin a lot?
    Right now I have it closer to 60/40 because I use it with a lot of board contact from day to day. It's a little tougher though I'm considering adding a microbevel.

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    You might consider a single microbevel ā la Jon Broida. It allows you to use very low angles for the edge.

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