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Thread: Hard Boiled Eggs

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    You guys are awesome. Thanks for the tips!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HHH Knives View Post
    Ahh, This may be the heart of the problem. We buy farm fresh and almost always have them every year at Easter. So often there as fresh as a day or two out of the chicken when we get them..

    Someone else told me to salt the water. Which I normally do anyways.

    Thanks much for the help. I will try the water trick. as well as use old eggs next year! . I love hard boiled eggs.
    If your eggs are really fresh like that you can leave them out at room temp overnight before you boil them and it will make them much easier to peel. Cover with cold water by at least one inch, two is better, bring to boil. When boil is reached set pot off heat with cover on for 12 min. Ice bath for 5 min. Good to go.

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    Lately I have been doing around 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda per gallon of water, bringing it to a rolling boil, dropping the eggs in gently with a spider, let it cook for exactly 12 minutes. Crash in an ice bath. They peel perfect every single time and very easily; the shell comes off in huge chunks and the inner membrane is never stuck. I am fairly certain that this works just as well with fresh eggs and not just on older ones as lately our eggs have been coming from Restaurant Depot and they move a ton of stock each day. But maybe they have been sitting in a warehouse somewhere. All i know is this method works perfect and especially against other methods we would try like covering the eggs with cold salted water. YMMV...but for us it is the magic trick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr drinky View Post
    I might try the pressure cooker eggs and the torch trick. Great tips.

    I make a lot of hard boiled eggs and use a variety of supermarket eggs, and it always is hit or miss for me. Even if I use non-fresh eggs, put in baking soda, cool in ice, run under tap water etc, there are some that are easy and some that are hard it seems. Off course, freshness may still vary as it is hard to tell how old those eggs are at the supermarket, but I use the same technique for them all. The fact is that eggs vary greatly.

    With that said, even though I don't care for using that blowing technique to de-shell eggs (who wants someone blowing on their egg before you eat it?), I do, however, employ it to loosen the membrane before peeling under water, and that seems to help. But again, this is only when I am eating the egg. If it is for someone else, I don't do it.

    If you put your eggs in a bowl of water and they sink to the bottom,they are fresh.If they float they are old.

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    also if you roll the shell on the counter it cracks it all then the whole thing will just peel off together.

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    been mentioned..but your eggs are too fresh.

    i cook my hardboil eggs in my electric water kettle. it gets it all to a boil and shuts off automatically.
    i've boiled a pot dry with eggs before. worse kitchen disaster ever. trust me on this one.

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    from my experience as long as theyre cooked properly the shell should separate no prolem 6-8 minutes for softer yolk 10 minutes for hard. 2.5 minutes for soft quail eggs which btw youll want to kill your self if you have to peel them even slightly under cooked

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