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Thread: my favorite headphone company has a special up on massdrop

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    my favorite headphone company has a special up on massdrop

    for those of you who dont know, i've gotten really into CIEM's (custom in ear monitors... fancy custom molded headphones that sound amazing)... anyways, the company that i like best has a special up on massdrop right now and i thought i'd post it here for you all to see. I use something like these (though not this exact one) for hearing protection durring work... but it also means i can listen to music while working, which is sweet. Anyways, here you go:

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    Guys, before you click on that link - it is a steep rabbit hole. Their stuff is awesome.

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    Yikes!!! backing away slowly...

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    Have you ever auditioned Futursonics products? I have their m5g and love them...made me fall in love with music again after i switched to digital (convenience) from analog and slowly lost interest as music just sounded flat.

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