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Thread: What's your ride?

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    What's your ride?

    Curious to know what other KKF's are drvining these days. I'm guessing the spectrum is going to be quite vast. For me, curecntly: 2012 Nissan Altima SL, in jet black. Will post photos later. Carry on!

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    charcoal grey 2009 Prius. had a Silver 2000 VW VR6 GTI, before. liked the GTI, love the Prius (though for completely different reasons). couldn't drive the GTI well after i shattered my leg (though i probably could now, 2.5 years on), and i love the gas bills and insurance prices (buying used, and getting a pretty nice deal on a moderately low mileage, high end version, i don't have to worry too much about the long tail of initial cost vs lower operating expense), and the fact that these things are much, much more reliable than the GTI ever was. i'll buy a 911 GT3, some day. with my dodgy leg, i don't mind the change to PDK!

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    2002 Chrysler Sebring convertible. The car has lost most of the paint on hood and trunk from sun damage. All shocks are gone, and it rattles and squeeks enough to make people turn their heads when I drive by. The rear windows don't close anymore and the passenger side window will follow soon. The roof material has separated from the rear window pane and it is raining into the rear storage compartment and the trunk. The roof also does not seal with the driver window anymore and I get whet when I drive in the rain. Of course, the driver seat also gets whet when the rain comes from behind and comes through the open rear window. Because of the always open rear windows and the humid trunk, I knock on the car before I get in at night to give the bugs and whatever else is living in it a fair warning. The front bumper is loose and held on with duct tape because the piece that is supposed to hold it broke off. I have replaced the ignition, the starter, the computer (3 times), and several sensors. It runs on 4 or 5 out of 6 cylinders, that seems to fluctuate. The engine warning light is permanently on but my shop has given up on figuring out why. Right now, a part of the cooling system has come apart, the car looks and sounds like a steam engine if I drive a few miles. I fixed it with epoxy today because I refuse to invest another $ into this car. We'll see tomorrow how it holds up. The car has 30,000 (!) miles on it. 30,000 miles. I have never driven a bigger piece of **** in my life. Only still driving it because being unemployed and having no idea where my next job may be are not a good basis to invest into a new car. If it ever gets to that point, I don't even think I would want to burden any organization with donating the car to them... The only thing it has going for it so far is that it still runs. Kind of. Most of the time.


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    '05 Ford Focus ZXW wagon. It replaced my '01 focus wagon last year. I like the '01 more - less cabin noise and the Cosworth designed Z-Tech motor was smoother and more powerful than the Ford Duratec in the '05. The '01 was also more nimble owing to a better suspension setup.

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    2012 Mazda Speed3. After market intake and a tweak here and there and I'm pushing 300 HP.

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    502 mostly (sometimes other bikes though)

    Without the gears..... Toes gets a little chilly and it's been a long winter. Still ice on the ocean in some places

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    2001 BMW 540it wagon. Bought this after a three year lease 9 years ago. My wife said we had to keep it at least 10 years, and we have. About 115,000 miles and it's still going strong. This is a stock picture, mine is a lot more beat up with dings and some missing side trim.
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    Charlotte, NC AKA The Queen City! The lint-filled belly button of the south.
    2005 Corolla !!!
    I pull lots of chicks in this thing, especially with the child seats in the back. I like to tell everyone that I'll be driving this pimp-ride on my way to the nursing home.
    I'll probably be dead before this car is.
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