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Thread: What's your ride?

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    *Had* a 2002 Echo w/ manual transmission... until just last Wednesday when it got totalled. Some idiot driver did a very, very badly-timed left turn from the other side and I ended up t-boning it. Everyone's fine, the dumb ass is at fault, but I'm still out my car. Took great care of that car and it was definitely worth more to me than what the insurance company is going to comp me for it.

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    Just a 96 Camry, with a bit over 200k now.

    Here it is on the dyno:

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    Don, WOW. HOLY $HIT, super chaged Camry. Did you have to re-do the suspension to support all that torque. What is the 1/4 speed? 0--60 in ? absolutely crazy man

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    07 Ford Fiesta Zetec Climate. Had it about 2 years and I like it a lot. Only a 1.3 engine but it means it's cheap to insure and it's got a ton of equipment, everything I could ever want. Sadly where I live is the most expensive part of the whole UK for car insurance. This ain't mine but it looks exactly the same

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    Mostly cruisin' around town in some Clarks boots. When I'm feeling fancy I'll pull out the bike.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timthebeaver View Post

    Sexy. I have a rock lobster touring rig I had built a few years ago. Don't do much touring anymore, so its sitting I'm my parents basement. The fiancé kept getting pissed tripping over it in our townhouse, lol

    My current is a 2008 Sury Crosscheck, SS geared for commuter duty. I'll try to get a pic when I get home
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mucho Bocho View Post
    Don, WOW. HOLY $HIT, super chaged Camry. Did you have to re-do the suspension to support all that torque. What is the 1/4 speed? 0--60 in ? absolutely crazy man
    Haha, sorry, it was April 1. I had to do it. I wish I had that kind of power in my Camry. It does look exactly the same though

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    Volvo S60 T5 2006 on land. Bénéteau S35.5 on water.

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    In the midst of beautifying/overhauling a '73 Pontiac Ventura. I'll post some pics a couple months from now when the facelift is complete. So many projects, so little time...
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