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Thread: What's your ride?

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    Mar 2011

    Since we have some MB'ers I will post my ride.....My other ride is a 2006 Ridgeline

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    Feb 2011
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Trek 2300 carbon fiber frame road bike and a pimped out 1978 CJ-5. The Jeep has taken me to hell and back. (And a little "commuter" car for when I am lazy.)

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    Sep 2012
    South Central PA
    My Surly. Yes, the light is duct taped on, lol (this one hasn't been stollen yet, hehe) and yes, two flats. Hit a patch of glass on the way home tonight. She has close to 10k miles on her (frame only) Been across the country twice, and is my daily driver (I'm care lite).

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    Jan 2013
    wine Country California

    1984 FXST with some DIY upgrades
    107" S&S Super Sidwinder long block
    S&S Super "G" carb
    Thunder Headers
    Rivera Engineering "Pro Clutch"
    Spike Hi-Torque starter,
    PM 4 piston binders on the front

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    Bay Area, CA
    2012 Audi A4 Quattro in "Moonlight Blue Metallic."

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    Apr 2012
    Bellevue, WA
    2002 Toyota RAV4, silver. Still going strong!

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    Jul 2011
    2004 Forester FXT - no problems, tires made a big difference with this car, and it is quick - which seem to annoy some other people driving their cool cars.

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    New Zealand
    Quote Originally Posted by Dream Burls View Post
    2001 BMW 540it wagon
    nice, touring 540's are rare, I've got on 00 540i motorsport sedan in imola red 2,

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    New York
    Quote Originally Posted by shaneg View Post
    nice, touring 540's are rare, I've got on 00 540i motorsport sedan in imola red 2,
    Nice. It's a great car and the 8 cylinders are nice, except when I fill it up. It's also not so good in the snow, but I put on good snow tires every winter and they help.
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    2006 TDI Jetta, fully loaded, with sexy black leather and nice dark tint. I just changed my glowplugs and cleaned up all the connections inside the engine, and today I'm changing out the oil and filter. This thread's timing is kinda funny/coincidental, since my brain has switched from home reno to car maintenance mode. I thought I was going to have to dump a crap load of money into it, recently, but it turned out to just need an at home tune up.

    It has about 235,000km on it now, as a result of my commute for my job, but the Diesel engine is great! I drive this thing a lot and I still love it.

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