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Thread: What's your ride?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mucho Bocho View Post
    Wicked, My bud just picked up some new Campy wheels that are tubeless. No Tubular. Not Clincher. Low dish rims with asym. spoking. Sick
    Now that sounds awesome! I bet they weigh nothing and the ride quality must be nice.

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Size:  15.3 KBTry again .I drive my wife's car to work when allowed. We live it up on the weekends with the pink beauty. Nice not to have to step over it when I'm going from my bench sander to my stone set up.

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    New springs are in. Dropped about an inch.

    Tinted very rear side windows. Added some red accents.

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    What are your lugnuts made from?

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    My "back-up" ride from the '80s.......had to go old school my last few rides

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    Honda Today (50cc scooter) with taxi stickers on it.

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    Well that just happened

    $1000 carburetor that is now toast.

    That being said I just sent it off to DaVinchi Carbs to get reworked, I bought a MSD distributor, and an Edlebrok water pump.

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    ^^^ 2006 Triumph Daytona 675 is my year round daily ride.

    When I've got to cage it, I take my 03 2WD F150. Its a fun ride...when the 4.2 V6 let go, I swapped in a 6.0 LS we had laying around .

    And no, the hood's not a different color lol, that's muddy water. My vehicles get used!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xdrewsiferx View Post
    Special Driver: 1966 GT289 Mustang that my father and I built. We pulled the original block out dropped a 302 Aluminum block in board it out to 308. Dropped a 5speed Hurst tranny in 9" rear end. She is putting down 475bhp and 420tq at the wheels not the crank. Top speed 157mph (or I should say fastest we have taken her). She was built to race and is based off of the old CanAm era race cars. And more is done to the suspention then I could ever type out. She can run turns faster then most modern cars in her class.

    Nice Mustang! Just out of curiosity, what kind of compression and heads are you running on that alloy 302 block? I owned a racing engine business for a number of years here in Phoenix...and SBF's were my engine of choice .

    I can talk cars and knives 24/7/365, lol.

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    The heads are also aluminum I will need to check the make but I will get back to you.

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