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Thread: How to make a Knife Sheath out of PVC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burl Source View Post
    I saw the photo where he is going to cut the pipe on the table saw.
    Round objects can roll if the saw blade grabs the piece.
    Potentially pulling your fingers into the blade.
    Dead right! PVC cuts really easy even by hand with a hacksaw.

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    Not quite what I would call a presentation saya, but pretty slick and probably a step up from the cheap (if you call $4-5 cheap) edge guards from the local "cutlery" shop. As far as scratching goes, it shouldn't be a problem as long as the knife is clean when you put it away (the PVC itself is pretty soft). I'd recommend using the cheap 200psi rated pipe as it's much easier to shape then the thicker sch40 or 80 pipe. When applying the heat be careful not to scorch the plastic, keep the hot air gun moving and stop when the plastic just starts to deform. If you don't have a hot air gun just do a "Home Depot rental" (buy-use-return), they wont mind (if they ask why, tell them you didn't like the color)

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