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Thread: JKS is down...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Freakin brilliant Jay! This works great - thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No prob, good sir

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    OK since Jay hooked me up I'm starting to feel a lot better about W8. It's a lot quicker on opening browsers, restarts, and all the usually slow Windows issues.

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    Not for nothin' but if you have a business you should plan on a new PC every three years - anything beyond that is bonus time. Mobos, video cards, hd's, PSUs, ect. in general have a 3 yr life expectancy.

    And always remember - "The probability of a crash is directly proportional to the time elapsed since your last save"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    I'm going on record here and stating that Windows 8 flat out blows.
    I went through the same headache a month or two back. Managed to somehow save everything off the drive by downloading it to a new drive before reloading the OS. We were running Vista and as I went through setting it up again, Ms offered to upgrade us to Win 8. Why not?, I thought. So far, although I am more accustomed to it, I really wish I hadn't done it. Win 8 is anything but simple or intuitive. The way everything is organized is to put it politely, completely messed up and the mail program is absurdly limited. I do feel your pain, Dave.

    Will definitely have to check out Jay's link. Looks promising!

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    I'm missing Windows Explorer (which was replaced by some "library" thing) as well as Microsoft Photo Editor (just gone altogether). Explorer not being available hurts, I always preferred the old school file system.

    Also, I purchased Microsoft Office 2013 (for $199!!!!) just for Outlook (that's whacked and unbelievably complicated) & Excel (which I'm now scared to even open).

    This has been one of the most painful computer re-dos I've been involved with ever.

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    Explorer is not gone, just go to the desktop it's at the bottom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    Explorer is not gone, just go to the desktop it's at the bottom.

    Well it's sort of the same but not exactly. I've been finding it hard to use but I'm coming from XP so it's going to be different. I'm sticking with it Rick!

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