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Thread: Another newbie looking for some advice - First "Real" Knife

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    Congrats on the promotion--now buy the dragon! Other really cool option would be to buy the Hiromoto and do this.

    once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right

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    Quote Originally Posted by don View Post
    Congratulations! Since you got a promotion, celebrate with the Hiromoto AS. That's the knife you've been oogling, and if you didn't get it you'll think "what if."

    Not sure about the Shapton stones though, I don't hear much about these.
    Shaptons were very popular 5-6 years ago. They're good stones, but better can be had for the same or less money, and the rest is history.

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    What do you prefer to the Shaptons?

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    What do you prefer to the Shaptons?
    interested in what you have to say as well.

    i'm guessing maybe gesshin stones?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WiscoNole View Post
    Shaptons were very popular 5-6 years ago. They're good stones, but better can be had for the same or less money, and the rest is history.
    I would like to know which you prefer as well if you don't mind?

    Thank you,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
    Well I got promoted yesterday so I don't think I'm going to worry about either the Tojiro DP or the Fujiwara FKH series so I guess I'm going to continue looking at the Suisin INOX, JCK CarboNext, Misono Swede, and the Hiromoto AS.
    I have a suji AS, had a Misono Dragon gyuto, and Ichi gyuto that the CN is based on (maybe) the first venture into J-knives and sharpening, I really like the Hiro G3. I bought mine as a stainless beater for the beach rental house and IMHO the G3 outperforms its price point in every category. I've been tempted to bring it home to displace the Ichi, Tadatsuna, Watanabe, etc, but I really need stainless at the beach.

    For stones, you wont go wrong with can make other choices, but you won't go wrong. I especially like the feedback from the GlassStones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chinacats View Post
    Congrats on the promotion--now buy the dragon! Other really cool option would be to buy the Hiromoto and do this.
    I PM'd Dave a couple of days ago about this service because I came across one of the Hiromoto's he has worked on and I think that'll be on the to do list if I end up with one!

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    It may take some time. From Dave's Facebook page:

    Japanese Knife Sharpening
    What's going down here at JKS -
    getting a handle on things....
    One of the dumbest things I've done
    was to start accepting payments on
    work not yet completed. It's been a
    good thing to keep the ball rolling
    but what I didn't anticipate was the
    level of interest that my services and
    knives would garner. I was naive in
    thinking that I could stay ahead of
    this amount of work and then that
    my customers would be patient and
    understanding as I fell behind. I have
    some great customers but I also
    have some tough customers who
    expect better service, that's service
    that they've been accustomed to
    receiving from me in the past. I can't
    blame them for this at all, however,
    the time constraints of answering
    status update emails, PMs, and
    phone calls has become a large part
    of what I do these days when I'm
    sure that my time would be better
    used working on my backlog. Today
    alone, I have spent over 4 hours
    addressing update questions, see
    this is a problem.
    So to address the issue I'm first
    staring with the discontinuing of any
    pre-paid for work to which includes
    rehandles, Hiro thinning, & Martell
    knife orders.
    For the work....
    Western rehandle & Hiro thinning/*
    etching work (without coupons) will
    have to send in the knife/knives and
    wait in line behind all other work in
    the shop waiting in line ahead of
    your knife. I won't lie here - this will
    be a LONG wait.
    Martell knife orders will not be taken
    with layaway payments anymore
    nor will any advanced payments be
    accepted. Please PM or email to get
    on the waiting list. I will contact you
    for a deposit when it's time to talk
    details and get started. I won't lie
    here either - the wait time is going
    to be LONG here as well.
    Stefan Keller wa handles, as well as
    all sharpening/repair work, will
    continue to be completed with
    priority. I devote a few hours each
    day to sharpening as this is time
    sensitive work (turnaround time is
    the #1 thing for mail order
    sharpeners - people judge this above
    quality) and I'm able to do a few
    Stefan handles in between other
    jobs without problem. Having said
    that I can not guarantee that your
    Stefan handle will be installed right
    away as sometimes I receive 10-20
    of these at a time meaning a much
    longer wait time than has been seen
    in the past.
    For those with work currently in the
    shop waiting....
    If you have a knife here waiting for
    work to be completed please know
    that I'm working as hard as I can to
    get your work done. I promise to do
    the work in order of receipt but I
    often have to consider when to
    work on a knife as is best suited for
    my workflow in the shop. If you do
    not hear from me on an update then
    you should know that there is no
    update to give.
    As always I want you all to know
    how grateful Robin & I am for all
    your business and support. With the
    sale of KKF we are looking at a lot
    more time to get our business back
    on track and look forward to serving
    you the best service and products
    we can.
    Thanks for your time!
    il y a 53
    minutes · J’aime · Partager · Signaler

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benuser View Post
    il y a 53
    minutes · J’aime · Partager · Signaler

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    I'm aware of Dave's wait list. I was curious about pricing and wait time (a dreadful question but a necessary one...), and he gave me his price and told me a rough estimate. I feel bad for the amount of backlog that he has to deal with, but at least that means he has job security which is always a good thing

    I think what I'm going to do is start off with a Hiro AS 240 Gyuto and then add a Misono 270 Suji, followed by a Nakiri, Deba, Chinese Cleaver, couple utility knives, couple petty's, a good bread knife, maybe a Santoku, and any number of other knives I can convince myself that I need


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