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Thread: The perfect profile and geometry for a 120mm?

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    The perfect profile and geometry for a 120mm?

    Hi all

    I really need your help here.
    My Girlfriend does not like my big knives (240 and up), she thinks they are to big (and she is a small girl 163cm).

    When she makes food she seams to grap the smallest knives. The biggest she grabs is a 180 santoku.

    I need to make her the perfect knife. I honestly believe she will find 120 the perfect length and she will like the octagon handle. So does anybody have a suggestion for a profile and geometry?

    The knife will be made in 1084 and 15N20 ladder pattern. But what I need now is the perfect profile and geometry.

    She will use it for:

    Fillets of chicken
    Small tasks in the kitchen

    I honestly think she gonna use it to get food out of cans and **** also. When she is done, she normally leaves it in the sink.

    Yes I know its overkill for her. But to get my freedom to buy other knives she needs this one

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    Hahaha. I had this EXACT issue for my wife a couple months ago.
    It's looming like we Gould just let her use her serviceable euro knives, but maybe your case will be different.
    I'm a big fan of the Misono Swedish petty profile. It has a low tip And is nice and flat with a proper amount of rise into the tip.
    Esthetically, I also like the sloping spine.
    That with a wa handle would be a beauty!

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    I think similar to Sakai Yusuke will be very nice.
    I have a 210 Suji from them that I use for petty and it works really well. It has very thin geometry and works great on anything I have tried it on, cutting meat, potatoes, onions, peppers etc.

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    I like the Heiji also oivind.

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    The Heiji is nice because it is more of a mini gyuto than a petty. Very similar to Watanabe's 150mm petty. Check that one out, too for ideas.

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    Because you included cheese as one of the items she'll be cutting you've nailed the profile with the Heiji. I've got a 150mm Ashi petty that I'd be hesitant about using on any cheeses that were considered very firm to hard because of torquing the blade.

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    anyone got the measurements for the Heiji 150 Petty? (0r 120) ?

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    Talk to Pierre about getting a 150 utility/ petty w/ hybrid handle
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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