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Thread: Fixed my magnetic knife bar today - not too shabby

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    Fixed my magnetic knife bar today - not too shabby

    I have a 21" magnetic knife bar with a stainless face. I was tired of the scratched up look of the stainless not to mention I cringe when someone grabs a knife off of it heel first. I wanted to cover it with something and was thinking veneer, but I was looking for something in my amp supplies and found a roll of 3M carbon fiber vinyl I use for odd face plates and . . .

    Big improvement -

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    Very cool looking Mike. Easier on the knives too?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrmnms View Post
    Very cool looking Mike. Easier on the knives too?
    Yes much - easier to reposition too which is a big +++

    This 3M stuff is pretty schwing and tough too. You can stretch it with a heat gun and if you don't like it you can heat it up and reposition it. I bought it to cover a funky '59 Bassman reissue chrome face. I have a copy of the #40 Dumble built into that chassis so nothing makes any sense print wise. I used white press type for the lettering and it looks great. I have to tolex that cab one of these days.

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    That looks awesome!! Where did you get the cf tape? Any change in the 'hold' of the magnets? I don't even want to describe the ghetto 'fix' i've been using....


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    Google the tape and no on holding power - yes on ease on the blade and the eye.

    Man - looking at that pic I need to rehandle that Mac bread knife.

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    i used white Duck tape when i had a stainless faced bar, worked great too, but wasn't quite as snazzy.

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    Not shabby at all Mike. Very nice I have a Spyderco sprint Para 2 with what looks like your carbon on the handle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boots View Post
    Hi Mike - what's that middle gyuto, the 4th from the right?
    That is a Yoshihiro 270 carbon/molybdenum gyuto. I've had it a month and it's a great knife, but it got superseded by my Goodell for board duty lately. I plan on doing a full review of it in the near future. Serious knife for under $200.

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