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Thread: What Magnets for making wooden knife rack?

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    What Magnets for making wooden knife rack?

    So I am going to make a magnetic knife rack. I want to counter sink the magnets into the back of the board so that there is a nice clean face for the knives to rest against. Wanted to know what magnets would be best for such an application. Any direction / advice on what to look for or where to get said magnets would be greatly appreciated.


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    neodymium magnet are available in different strengths. I've bought some from KJmagnetics

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    What strengths did you find to work best? Would like to narrow it down to one or two to try.

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    Try Lee Valley Tools ( They have all kinds of magnets.


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    This place as very good prices and I got mine there (Model# ND021-N48):
    This place has a nice tutorial on making a magnetic knife rack, but there magnet prices are much more expensive.
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    I do believe N52 neodymium magnets are the strongest grade currently available. Amazon has them. To build a magnetic knife rack, I'd use recessed ring magnets with a minimum of 6lbs pull each.

    McMaster Carr has a wonderful, although very expensive, selection of ring magnets. I only post this link as it is a good place to look to get ideas of what magnetic material is commercially available and what pull force one should expect from a given volume of magnetic material.

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    I have used something about N48 (there is not all that much difference between the classes), 10mm in diameter and 5mm thick. I have placed them from behind some 2mm from the front surface - and the rack is strong enough. I have used 2 rows of magnets with 10mm separation between the neighbouring magnets. You will find more details here

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