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Thread: I finally found where y'all went!

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    I finally found where y'all went!

    Took me awhile to find this place! Man, glad to see you Dave! Will need some more sharpening supplies soon.

    Down here in the Swamp, we opened the Morganza Spillway today! (One Bay....out of 125) Soon we'll be up to our necks in crawfish!

    Been gone awhile. I'm finishing up my 38 years as an English teacher and 15 years on the police force. Last day on the job is May 31.

    Now, more time to cook and sharpen my knives.

    Once again....Dave...thanks for all the help in starting me out with some stones and sharpening. Couldn't have done it without you!


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    Welcome aboard Mitch!

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    Glad you found your way here Mitch! Welcome!

    Feel free to visit my website,

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    Welcome! Stay dry, if you can. And if you're up to your neck in mudbugs, it just makes 'em easier to eat.

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    Welcome back! Send some mudbugs my way!

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