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Thread: First Attempt

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    First Attempt

    So i have thought for a while to make something in wood for my webstore, as i love to working with wood and sometimes i have crazy ideas i want to try out

    It will be mainly for EU costumers and i still need a lot of practice but i try to add a new category after i am back from JP. With wood cutting boards knife holders and knife magnets.

    They will be sold only as indevidual as my stones I will try to select some woods from EU mostly but sometimes also exotic what i find here and there.

    Will be very limited and only as my side project.

    Here is my first attempt on Magnet rack, this one will go to my parents with matching cutting board
    This one is Out of European Flamed Maple

    only iphone pics

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    Looks like a home run on your first try.

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    I did however experiment with that for a long time now hehe, 50 different sizes magnets went to waist. Now i think i know what i want and how to do

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    Gorgeous work Maksim!! When will these be available?

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    Love that board. I love single peice boards. Working on a mohagony one myself. Nice chamfer on the edge too!!
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    some very old EU figured Maple boards that i will finish up when i get home
    the thinnest i think is 50mm

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Awesome work maxim. Let me know if you have an extra board to sell

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    Look greats, Maksim. Really like the flame maple rack and matching board.

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    Looks great. I see you also got a woodworking bug.

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