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Thread: Best cheap knives ever??

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    I was wondering is there a French profile knife like a Forschner?

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    Back when I was working in kitchens in the early '90s Victorinox was putting out a Sabatier shaped knife which was better finished than anything on the market. I was working in a very French place and it was a cult object in a world of Wusthofs and Messermeisters. Then they went to the plastic handle Victorinox/Forschner things. I might still have one downstairs somewhere.

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    When I give the gift of Knife to someone it's usually a Tojiro ITK, or Tanaka damascus. Tojiros need a trip to the stones immediately, but the payoff is big performance from a tight budget. For the money Tanaka blue steel damascus is hard to beat - takes a wicked sharp edge and hold it long time. Looks purty too.

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    Best cheap knives ever? Buying a beater and fixing it up,or even better when someone else has done the work for you! One of my favorite knives that I have is a Kochi I got second hand from BST. I recently used a new Kochi and mine blows a new one away!
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    Just an update: The sam's club auction site is selling them off and the resulting price is usually even cheaper than Amazon or ebay. They are consistently going for between $45 and $50 which with tax and shipping came to a bit under $60 for the extra sets I bought to give away and/or to use as beaters...

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    online link or just in store?

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    I just picked up the Tojiro ITK Bread Knife for $60. Don't think much can beat that for a 10" beast that can do almost anything.

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    How about the Dojo 180mm gyuto with stainless cladding and AS steel?

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    Tramontina also makes a pretty good Machete

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    Quote Originally Posted by cnochef View Post
    How about the Dojo 180mm gyuto with stainless cladding and AS steel?
    Great knife for the money. The whole AS Dojo line is a terrific value imho.

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