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Thread: Best cheap knives ever??

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    Any further news or other success stories from the plethora of knives on Global Rakuten?

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    Now that the weather has been picking up around here, I haven't been doing much with knives. Other than cutting up food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wenus2 View Post
    I'll be curious to read that. Looks confortable.
    So I've had a little time to play with the "peasant chef knife" from lee valley. Fn'f is good, the handle is rather large though knuckle clearance is lacking a bit. The steel sharpens up nicely and is fairly unreactive for undisclosed carbon steel. The best workout that I've been able to give it so far was on the line while cutting roast lamb racks into portions. It is a great knife for this. The profile really reminds me of a tall boning knife and it's sturdy enough, probably just under 3mm on the spine, that it would do a great job of breaking down chickens into parts for frying/ roasting. I think i've had well over 30 dollars worth of fun with it so I'd say it's a good buy if you think it's a knife that might suit you.

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