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Thread: Best knives manufactures on the world?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    AccuGrip Control Ball!!!!!! How many times do I gotta say it!!! :P
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    Classic Ginsu from my youth of course!

    (Current Ginsu knives, which ironically enough are high rated by consumer reports, are just made from relatively lousy steel usually with wa handles, a lot less interesting then the classic ones of my youth which were crappy in a more interesting way.)

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    No need for lists, this guy here is the best knife manufacturer of the WHOLE world, ever. Really.

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    scanpan knives because there purple

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    Theory , I stand corrected. Gotta go with the ball.

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    Ok guys, stop teasing the trolls

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    May be I asked wrong question.

    My family have a small store with kitchenware and we want add some good, nice knives for chefs. In my country (Bohemia) is 90% good knives from Germany... Wusthof Solingen. My mother show some customers our two Japanese knives. One Hattori, one Masahiro. They was fascinated. One mother sold. :-)

    Then I look for some hints, what world knives are good for selling in shop. We cannot sell high priced knives...only 200 USD retail price is max for our town.

    Or If someone have good wholesale dealer for these nice knives. Also US knives are welcome. :-)

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    In one sense Jon is right; however, we do tend to talk about shigs, masamoto, gesshin, our own custom guys, etc. and we talk about them because they fit a minimum quality. For your purposes I think you need to talk to Jon or Maxim as they often travel to Japan, to see if there is a good shop that will make a middle quality series on an ongoing basis for your store. I would suspect that the small family type producers may not be able to help at a price point that makes sense. Maybe a larger company like Masamoto would have a $200+/- series which will be good quality. Don't bother with nenox/nenohi, for example, because they cannot make a knife in that price range. Some of the suisin carbons, western, are also in that range.
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    I agree with Seth, and also with Jon's post a while back.

    Sumi, the question of "who is the best" is a complicated one to answer. However, the question of "who are good/excellent suppliers for knives I can retail at up to $200" is a very good question that some of our vendors (you'll want to contact them by private message or email) and some experienced members will be able to help you with.

    We did not mean any offense by our humorous replies to your first question - we just did not know how seriously to take the question when you first asked it!

    Oh... and welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sumi View Post
    Hi there,

    ca I ask, if somebody know, where can I get list of best knives manufacturers on the world? Tops from every continent for example.

    Thank you.
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