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Thread: anyone have a backyard wood fire pizza oven?

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    thanks for that pierre!

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    After googling brick ovens for several years, I came across a post somewhere about building an oven in a day. It inspired me to go with what I had on hand or could find within my community of potters. It's totally dry built in an old kiln shed, using mostly materials that were in that old kiln. The shelves came from a friend and make up the deck and roof. Interior dimensions are 36"w x 19"d x 14"h. I will probably put in another course of brick to raise it 4 1/2" and raise the door height as well. It is far from being perfect or even attractive, but it gets the job done, and quickly. It hits 1100F in about an hour and a half with dry wood and bakes a pie in about 4 minutes. I usually get it up to 1100 and bake down to 850F. If I'm not through baking, like for a crowd of folks consuming 15-20 pies, I stoke again. The biggest problem I have had is keeping the floor/deck hot, and usually bake on a smaller kiln shelf about 2" off the floor. I've heard really good things about 1/4"-1/2" steel decks and hope to soon start scrounging for a 16" x 16", or larger, piece. I don't know how many bricks it required but used hard kiln bricks for the faces and soft kiln bricks for the outside. In that regard it might be overbuilt, with a 2 1/2" thick hot face and 9" of insulating brick outside that. There are a zillion ways to build a brick oven and plenty of good kits out there, just remember, folks have been building wood-fired brick ovens for a long, long time with a whole lot less than what we have access to. I hope this helps someone. If so, please post a pic. Later-Tom
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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    Big Green Egg. Wood fired pizza, grill, smoker, slow cooker.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duckfat View Post
    Big Green Egg. Wood fired pizza, grill, smoker, slow cooker.
    For the short term, that is my plan.

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    I am thinking to built a Brick oven and wanna enjoy with friend but problem is that its not possible to make it in my home....

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    I built this last year

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    oh yeah. well done Colin!
    Tom Gray, Seagrove, NC

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