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Thread: Aprons..what features do you like?

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    Quote Originally Posted by panda View Post
    picky about aprons!? ***? i've used a trash bag before because laundry had not been sent out one day and there were no clean ones left..
    We have no laundry service for aprons, we buy and wash our own. I like nice stuff!

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    Long,heavier fabric,long ties.I wouldnt go copper for the studs as it will oxidise in the wash and eventually degrade.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowtyper View Post
    We have no laundry service for aprons, we buy and wash our own. I like nice stuff!
    Quote Originally Posted by Gravy Power View Post
    Unfortunately I'm uber anal about everything when I'm at school/work. Plating, cookery, my appearance, my knives...pretty much any of my other kitchen gear.
    Good for you guys! It infuriates me this "the more messy I look, the more harder I've worked then you" BS attitude. It's just a lazy shortcut to thinking. Fact: it takes twice the effort to do the same crap job these guys do, but cleanly (ie less half-assed). Small children make messes, professionals never show it.

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    I have always liked to tie my apron on the side, since the days when I worked in a bakery. The straps don't get into whatever you're working on that way. I also wonder if an asymmetric strap or a loop on one side with a long (possibly adjustable) strap ending in a toggle wouldn't be a bad idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sachem allison View Post
    take a look at the aprons on butcher and bakers shop.
    Quote Originally Posted by marc4pt0 View Post
    You should check out the aprons from this website, amazing stuff:

    whoops, didn't see the link already posted above
    Cool little jumpstart company, with some pretty cool kitchen swag. I don't think I've gotten an invoice from em yet that didn't have a hand-written thank-you note on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowtyper View Post
    I told her she should!
    I would buy some as I can never a apron big enough
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    I use a bistro/server type apron at the waist, and it has a couple of features I really like; it ties in front, and then has a contoured upper that can be folded over to hide the tie - clean looking and keeps the tie from getting caught on stuff; loop for towel/cloth - probably the best feature - so handy to have a cloth on a leash. It has a pocket, but I don't use it.

    It’s a cotton/poly blend, and after a few washes it pills and looks ghetto. I’d prefer one made of a good denim w/ contrasting stitching.

    Butcher and Baker has a pig merchant apron that is overall style w/ back cross straps.
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    Here is one I have made by a local denim company:

    They also make the cross back style, which I think I am going to have this one converted to. I can't stand having the cheap ones hanging from my neck, let alone this heavy denim one. Leather neck strap snaps off for when you have to wash the thing. I actually love the big pockets, I don't like having things in my pants pockets so the big pockets are nice for thermapens, oyster knives, etc. Even with the cross back straps, I would prefer if they are long enough to tie in the front. If they tie in the front, I don't need a towel loop. If they tie in the back, a towel loop would be nice. The pen pockets next to the CT patch are actually only secured at the top, so when you bent over, the flap pocket does too and your pens don't fall out.

    I like that Pig Merchant one. Don't need that many pen pockets though.
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    I want somebody to make one with a pee-pee hole.

    Undies+Chef Pants+Apron=EZ access!
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    What? Have it hanging out during service? OMG
    Not around sharp knives!
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