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Thread: My First Rehandle!!

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    LOL, Thanks for the laugh and welcome to the club. We meet every Thursday and Sunday. at 7:00 pm Hello, my name is Randy. Im a Burl Junky and cross addicted to musk ox horn and mammoth ivory. I got my last fix about a hour ago when I purchased some maple burl from Burl source and some ironwood from Arizona Ironwood. The funny part is the last comment is TRUE!

    I can see it now. You have entered the twilight zone.

    1. You started collecting woods.. Which is the first step in the addiction.

    2. You start to see everything as a possible Handle material. from a tree to well. your grandma's dining room set and everything in between and your thinking " Hmmm I bet that would make a cool knife handle"

    3. You start buying knives .. Just to rehandle them..

    4. Your realize your gona need more tools. so you start another collection. TOOLS

    5. Your addiction grows and when ya see a large burl on a neighbors tree. And you have to fight the urge to break out the chainsaw and bring it home..

    6. You start to stockpile more woods and material. and convince yourself to add on a room to the house or designate a large area of your home for your NEW work space for your obsession not to mention all the new tools and all that burl.

    7. You realize knife making is not a hobby but a addiction that can quickly take over your world.

    8. Replete these steps. and continue having a blast, making cool stuff and lovin it!

    Thats as far as I have come so I cant say for sure where this ends.. I sure hope not!! lol Yep Im a addict.
    Have fun and be safe..

    By the way. Your first looks WAY better then mine did.. Great job, And fun play by play.


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    Looks really really nice, Rick!

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    I can see it now..... another addiction, just as Randy says.


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    this page is now bookmarked (not just buy me alone I'm sure) as I'm also attempting this. My tools all just came in the mail last night, so here I go! Thanks for the step by step for scales, Rick. I'm very, very excited to give this a shot.
    Anybody have suggestions on knocking out the existing pins? I'm thinking a clamp, nail tap/finisher and lightly knock em out?

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    Rick that looks great man, nice job.
    That's funny you forgot the wood
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    Quote Originally Posted by marc4pt0 View Post
    Anybody have suggestions on knocking out the existing pins? I'm thinking a clamp, nail tap/finisher and lightly knock em out?
    Depending on the knife, that's probably not going to work in most cases. There's usually nothing "light" about getting the rivets out.
    Drill baby, drill!
    Either that or some people use a grinder.
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    Great job Rick. I hope you really get hooked on making handles and need a lot more wood.
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    Impeccable. Impressed.

    Good job, bro!
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    Great first rehandles.

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    Great looking handle Rick - and yeah Randy pretty much summed it up.

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