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Thread: Epicurean Edge

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    Epicurean Edge

    So, it seems like some online shops are panned on a regular basis and others are beloved, but EE seems to get no mention at all, positive or negative. As a rather new high end knife consumer, is there something I should read in to this lack of mention? Are they a reasonable source? Thanks.

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    I've used them a number of times. Always happy, but shipping times were inconsistent. Or I should say order processing times, not actual shipping. I have called to ask questions, and the staff seems to know their stuff. Stuff always arrived safe and packaged well. I would buy from them again.

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    My experience with them has also been very positive. A+ in my book.


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    Fairly positive experience on my one purchase and I would use them again. Only drawback to me was that the prices on shipping seemed rather high, but I was buying stones so I guess that makes sense. Customer service was good.
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    I've bought several knives from them. Daniel the owner is a great guy, a little stuffy but cool.

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    I've been going there a couple times a year (from California) while visiting relatives for the last 10 years or so. The time before last I was interested in a Tadafusa santoku. Dan O'Malley (owner) brought one out from the back. I looked at it and it had uneven cladding. I asked if he had any a couple others I could look at. "I've got 15 of them back there," he said, "but I'm not bringing any more out. They're factory-made, and they're all the same." I went back later when he wasn't around, looked at 3 of them, and bought a nice one.

    On my last trip I wanted to see a Yoshikane gyuto. The woman pulled it from the case. I held the tip carefully between thumb and finger and flexed it slightly. "Don't bend the blade," she said. "I'm not bending the blade, I just want to assess its flexibility." "Yeah, don't flex the blade," she repeated. I handed it back to her and left.

    I emailed Dan about the incident. I reminded him that I was fairly experienced in owning, sharpening, polishing and repairing fine knives. I couldn't expect the salesperson to know this, but


    "Have you been to our store before?"
    "Do you know about Yoshikane knives?"
    "Do you sharpen your own knives?"
    "Is this your first Japanese knife?"

    That kind of thing.

    To his credit, Dan stuck to his guns and said that no one, whatever their level of experience, is allowed to test flexibility in the store.

    I won't be going back.

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    I have had nothing but positive experiences with Dan and his crew. They're fairly well informed but no where near as knowledgeable as Jon @ JKI. I have visited them on a couple of occasions while I am flying through Seattle to Montana.

    Another that doesn't get any love is Bernal Cutlery. It's in SF. I make a point of visiting the shop when I'm in town.
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    For a variety of reasons, I'd rather spend my money with one of the vendors on this forum. That said, I would order from EE if they had something unique that I wanted (though Wsfarrel's stories give me some pause).

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    wsfarrell, at least it's not just me that has a problem with the woman employee at EE. Although at least she let you HOLD the knife--one time I was in there and they had a custom Rader, and she wouldn't even take it out of the case to let me look at it. (Fine, you jerk, I got my custom directly from Mr. Rader and you didn't get a penny on the deal!) I went in anther time and wanted to look at a couple of Bill Burke's knives they had in a display case--she grudgingly got them out and then proceeded to pull out some of the least expensive knives in the store--pushing me to look at them instead. It was pretty blatant that she didn't want me looking at their higher-end knives. She's obnoxious and the main reason I don't go to EE anymore. Quite obvious about the fact that she doesn't think one is worthy.

    Haven't had any real problems with the rest of the staff--they've been quite helpful and nice--but you don't know who will be working on a given day and I've spent a little too much money there for someone to treat me like dirt.
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    Were you wearing your Oregon Gardening t-shirt when you went to EE?

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