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Thread: Look what was dropped off at my house...

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    Holes drilled including weight reduction.

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    So progress is slow due to the fact that I don't actually have a vice. I made a make shift one for filing with a cut off piece of 2x4 bolted to another 2x4 and then hand clamped. It worked amazingly well for the resources that I had. I filed the blade tip to shape and haven't messed with the butt of the knife due to the fact that I am rethinking the handle design with a mockup and some clay.

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    I appreciate crazy. Carry on!

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    Well, I finally had a chance to do some filing on the blank and I was able to finally finish the profile. She's coming along and at least looks like a knife from the profile. I am pretty happy with the results although I am thinking the center hump in the handle is a bit too preggers. I believe it will be more comfortable once there is a handle on it with some meat.

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    Lookin' good Pete!

    U R still crazy, but I like it!
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    Pete...much respect for attempting this. Keep going. This is awesome.

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    I will look when i get back from the hospital, and find you a link for a cool filing set up. Agree with all the above....you are crazy!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Davis View Post
    I will look when i get back from the hospital, and find you a link for a cool filing set up. Agree with all the above....you are crazy!!!
    Mike.. What's happening at the Hospital? Thumb overgrind on yr 5HP belt sander?

    Always appreciate a craftsman that can come up with a work around solution or circumvent the problem as it is creativity personified. I am sure that you wld be deriving much pleasure from this piece adn also during the process of making it... Then the next think to watch out is the possible inherent masochist tendency.. just kidding......

    IF I have half your skill, I wld consider myself successful in this kind of endeavour.


    Look fwd to more pics.


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    Thanks Mike, I hope everything is ok at the hospital.
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    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
    This might give you an idea for a bevel filing jig made from scraps, that someone on a UK forum made for their current project

    Pics from:

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