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Thread: Look what was dropped off at my house...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squilliam View Post
    If your going to be using hand tools after HT, do yourself a favor and thin the edge down to 0.5mm or so before you harden it. I wouldn't worry about unfixable warping on such a stocky knife.
    Thanks for the advice Squilliam I shall sand it some more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NO ChoP! View Post
    You'll be able to pare a coconut with this thing. lol and jk. Very fun wip, thanks.
    Yep, I agree she has gone from a sheeps foot pairing knife to a wharncliffe mini-axe lol.
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    Well folks, the mini-axe/wharncliffe/pairing knife is on hold as I don't want to send just one knife out for heat treatment. Here's a snapshot of one of the sides of the blade where you can see the terrible grind. Is this dishing in the center of the blade what you guys are talking about when it comes to Moritaka's issues?

    And another picture just because...

    Here's a quick glimpse at project #2. I'm fortunate to have an amazing Dad and Father-in-Law so I wanted to make them some knives that they can beat the crap out of. Here's the profile, although I will be changing the design of the handle to thicken it on the bottom half.

    Steel = O1 1"x1/4"x9" (Real thick, it's going to be able to take an absolute beating.

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    Here's a quick update: I started working on another blade, because this is not a kitchen knife I will post a new WIP in the appropriate thread. I just wanted to show you a quick snap shot of my plunge line improvement!

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    Out of curiosity, How many hours do you estimate that you have invested in the first knife?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMJones View Post
    Out of curiosity, How many hours do you estimate that you have invested in the first knife?
    The first knife I probably spent close to 6 hours total. I rushed the bevel process because I became impatient.

    My second knife, I spent 4 hours straight just filing away the bevels on one side of the knife.
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    Here's a few pics of what I have been doing with that giant 1/4" bar of O1. I decided to make my Dad a Father's Day knife, which I imagine he will be pretty pumped about. Granted the design is somewhat limited due to the bar stock only being 1/4" x 1" x 18," But I did the best that I could. The more and more that I work on this beast, the more I want to sell some stock to buy a belt grinder. Hand filing 1/4" bar stock is the devil!!!

    The good news is that this knife will be pretty much indestructible
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    That thing is crazy. How long is it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlassEye View Post
    That thing is crazy. How long is it?
    Edge is 3 3/4" long and OAL is just shy of 9"
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    Rumor has it that there might be a batch of homemade micarta curing in my garage...
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