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Thread: Look what was dropped off at my house...

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    Ok, after almost 18 hours of rest, the epoxy has not hardened. Clearly I did not put enough hardner in the mix so I have two questions.

    1. Will it eventually harden if given enough time?

    2. Should I just toss it and start over?
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    Also, what brands of epoxy do you recommend for handles and making your own micarta?
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    Ok, so I finally pulled the plug on this project, here are the results of the first failed "mycarta" batch.

    Here's the sheet right out of the press... .
    The sheet was tacky on the exterior and very flexible bending to 45 degrees.

    I cut off a small chunk to try sanding on with my Dremel and layers would peel away from time to time, so clearly it would not make a good medium for sculpting a handle.

    Granted I failed but I will say that I learned a lot and will change quite a few aspects of the process in the future.
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    You're making micarta too? I've got to give you some applause here Pete!

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    Blades were shipped off to Peter's Heat Treat, will update when I get them back.
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    My Father-In-Law dropped off some steel a few weeks back that he found at a work site. It came in a clear plastic package with a label from Pacific Steel and the steel is designated as precision ground O1. Now this isn't my idea of precision ground but I feel obligated to use the steel for something, since it was a gift and the fact that it is identifiable makes it worthy of heat treat. The problem is that it's only 1/16th thick which limits the possibilities between pairing knives and steak knives.

    I decided why not use it to make a chisel ground pairing knife but before I went through all of the work of manually sawing the steel, profiling the blank with files and yadda yadda yadda, I would test it out. There was a small piece of the steel that had been lopped off the bar already so I did a quick profile with a shoddy bench grinder, and then cleaned it up with some 80 grit sandpaper to rid the blank of the burrs from grinding. Now in my haste I ended up creating a single bevel for a left hander instead of a right hander ,but the concept is the same.

    I was forced to use a dremel tool to create a terrible hollow grinder on the reverse side, although with my pairing knife I may not bother and see how she performs.

    My freehand filing is definitely getting better with each blade so I am at least happy with that.
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    Blades just arrived back from Peter's Heat Treat, O1 finished at R/C 59.

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    I had some free time before I had to head into work today so I figured I would jump in and start working on a handle for my wharncliffe.

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    So I have my Dad's knife that I am making waiting for the epoxy to cure on their handles. I decided to work a bit on my wharncliffe since I had some downtime today, here's a 600 grit finish.

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    You're almost there Pete. thanks for the update!

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