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Thread: Look what was dropped off at my house...

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    You never forget your first. Congrats Pete!

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    Holy crap Pete!! I just found and read through the whole thread! Dude I'll give you credit for doing it the hard way, and just jumping in and doing it! Well done! I still have my first knife, it's as ugly as a pimple on a bulldog's arse!! But it was the first. My next half dozen, I clamped a portable belt sander in a vise, and let modern technology help out! I paid $25 for the sander, and $30 in belts ( 3 different grits ) and final sanding by hand. That was not too many years ago. School of hard knocks is a tough teacher, but you don't forget lessons learned that way. Keep it up, and looking forward to seeing more!

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    Well after quite a few months off from making knives I decided I had better finish the other knife I had started on back in April. This one will be a Christmas present for my Dad and I have tested its' cutting ability and she does quite well. The idea of this knife is to be an awesome box opener/utility knife for odd jobs around the house. Unlike the previous finished knife, this one is 100% functional. The blade was about 85% finished, what was missing was the handle and the final sanding/sharpening in order to be complete.

    I mixed up some epoxy yesterday and mounted the scales and today I spent time with my new Harbor Freight 1x30 grinder working on the handle. Wow, talk about a total time saver in terms of the 1x30 grinder. I've regained my interest in knife making now since it won't take me 30 hours to make a handle by hand. Here's a few WIP pictures that tell a small portion of the story.

    Scales ready for sanding

    Initial sanding (very square and the butt of the scales are not even with the tang)

    Scales are now flush with the butt (sounds kinda dirty) but still a very square handle

    Finished with the 1x30, rounded the edges with the next step being hand sanding. Handle feels nice in the hand and 100x more comfortable than my first knife's handle.

    P.S. This dymondwood sure is ugly
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    IT'S ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I forgot about this Pete!
    Go Pete go!
    Yeah Dymondwood is pretty ugly.
    Good luck and looking forward to seeing it finished.

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