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Thread: PM Stainless #2 Testing Passaround - Near Future Project

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    PM Stainless #2 Testing Passaround - Near Future Project

    I mentioned in a New Steels Thread, that I am going to try a new PM stainless steel (not CPM154). I finally got the steel and will make a 240mm gyuto out of it, once I come to a good stopping point in my work, and after I sent out the pass-around in 52100.

    I would like to invite folks to test it. Testing will be done in two stages - first group of testers will be all pro users, and they will have an opportunity to use the knife in a pro kitchen for 2-3 weeks. After I get some performance feedback, home user folks can join in.

    I am also considering doing layered birch bark handle on this knife.

    Your input is welcome.



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    Love to be included...home user.

    Thanks Marko!
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    If you will have me I would really like to participate in your passaround as a homey!

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    I realize I'm fairly new to the forum, but I'd love to be included in the pro passaround. If you're looking to have it go through the regulars here, though, I totally understand.


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    Home user interested!

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    Guys, the guidelines will be same as for my 52100 pass-around. This knife, however, I would like to test more for steel and heat treatment, than geometry, handle, profile, etc. That's the reason why I would like pro folks be in the first group and to give them a 2-3 weeks so they could get a good feel using the knife.

    I need this feedback, as I am going to do an experimental heat treatment that should improve performance. I don't use my knives enough to fully test edge retention, so that's why I ask for your help.

    I will probably cap the number of people to participate in the pass-around to 10. This is more of a test pass-around than a typical pass-around, so there will be a version 2.0.


    "If there’s something worth doing, it’s worth overdoing.” - An US saying.

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    I'd love to be in. I'll PM my info.

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    Marko, I love to try it as home cook, If you will have me!!
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    Would love to participate if possible. Your inbox is full BTW.

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