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Thread: Blue Aoto vs Green Brick

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    Quote Originally Posted by marc4pt0 View Post
    I bought Dave's 3 stone set- Beston 500, Bester 1200 and Rika 5000. Great setup, but curious where the blue or green should fit in, or if I even should go that route all together...
    I have all 4 stones you've mentioned, and the Aoto is not necessary if you have the other three. I would get a Takenoko 8K.


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    I think the brick and blue aoto are great for wailing on after thinning to get scratches out. Have never used a bester 1200 but for cutting speed to polish ratio I think these two would be tough to beat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WiscoNole View Post
    I have all 4 stones you've mentioned, and the Aoto is not necessary if you have the other three. I would get a Takenoko 8K.
    funny you should say that as I did get that 8000 the same time I purchased the other 3. read the great reviews so I wanted to try it. I only forgot to mention it previously because I actually don't use it often at all. I find it "doesn't work" so as opposed to trying to learn it I just lazily don't. I will give it a go here soon,no point in buying another stone without giving the 8k a true go at it. Do you think leaving it soaking in water will help with it? The other 3 in just leave in water.

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    For whatever reason the green brick works really really great as a finishing stone for stainless. Dont ask me why. But i prefer it for stainless over my rika 5k and 8k kitayama. Other than that, it clogs pretty easy and i always seem to accidentally chip off pieces while sharpening.

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    My synthetic blue aoto just started cracking very shortly after I got it. I take care of the stones. I looked it up after it happened and turns out its a fairly common problem. My stone was still ussable after gluing it to a block...but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone because of this.

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